2017 SOONERVILLAGE RV Parking Policies

  • The Lloyd Noble Center will not provide any refunds or exchanges for cancellations.


SooneRVillage Parking Policies


The following policies will apply to RV Parking for SooneRVillage at the Lloyd Noble Center on home football game weekends. All policies are subject to change as deemed necessary by the University of Oklahoma. Patrons who violate any of the policies are subject to losing RV parking privileges.


  • Please lock and secure your valuables before leaving your space. Call the OU Police Department at (405) 325-1911 with questions or call 911 in case of an emergency.


  • RV Parking at the Lloyd Noble Center requires an approved University parking permit. Permits are non-transferable so duplicating, selling or renting, assigning or transferring of a reservation permit is prohibited. The tag number of the RV permit must match that of the RV and tow vehicle entering the lot. Identification will be checked at entry. Prior approval must be granted by the Lloyd Noble Center Business Office if the purchaser of the permit cannot be present at check in. Permission may be obtained by calling 405-325-4666 Monday-Friday 8 AM–5 PM (CST). Patrons are not allowed to reserve RV spaces for others. A fee may be assessed to replace a lost permit or hangtag.


  • One tow vehicle, either a car or pickup truck, is allowed to park with the RV per reservation. Reservation holders may purchase one additional vehicle pass if they desire. Vehicles may be parked in the space marked for the RV, but may not extend beyond the space allotted in any direction. The Lloyd Noble Center staff and parking attendants are the sole arbitrators of whether a vehicle extends beyond the space. If the vehicle does not fit in the space, it must be parked outside the designated RV parking area. All RVs must park north to south due to emergency and safety concerns.  In addition, all equipment such as electrical cords, generators, or satellite dishes must be confined to the allotted reservation space and cannot be stretched into any driving lanes or extend into another reservation holders parking area.


  • Hang tags must be displayed and visible at all times on both the RV and tow vehicle. Vehicles that do not have proper parking credentials will not be allowed to enter into the RV parking area which includes visitors or extra vehicles unloading items. Oversized trucks, buses, and trailers must attain prior approval before parking. Vehicles may not park along any emergency exit way, fire lane, sidewalk, drive lane, or up against any of the barriers on the outer perimeter of SooneRVillage. Vehicles parked incorrectly will be towed at the owner’s expense.


  • RVs may not arrive until 8 AM (CST) on the Friday before football games and must leave by 12 PM (CST) on the Sunday following games unless arrangements have previously been made with the Lloyd Noble Center Business Office. The SooneRVillage Operations Office located at the Check-In Station closes at 6 AM (CST) on the Sunday following football games. Early arrivals and late departures are welcome and can be arranged through the Lloyd Noble Center Business Office by calling 405-325-4666 Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM (CST). A week stay does not include football weekends. If a non-electric guest chooses to stay the week in the electric lot, they must move back to their original non-electric space before 8 AM (CST) on the Friday of the home football game weekend.


  • Hot coals and ashes must be placed in metal trash cans located near the trash dumpsters. The RV dump site and potable water station is located on the southeast side of the Lloyd Noble Center along the parking curb off of G.T. Blankenship Blvd. The disposal of grease, hot coals, and hazardous materials onto the grounds or into storm drains is prohibited. Trash dumpsters and recycle bins are conveniently located throughout the RV parking area. Please put trash and recyclable material into the correct disposal containers. Patrons are responsible for removing all trash prior to leaving the lot. The University will provide blue trash bags designated for recyclables (glass, plastic, and aluminum).


  • RV parking patrons are welcome to bring their pets. Pets cannot be left unattended and must be kept on a leash or in a cage when outside of the RV. Pet Waste Stations are located on the Westside grass perimeter of the RV parking area. Pet waste bags are available at the stations. Patrons must clean up after pets. Pets are not allowed on the grass located by the Lloyd Noble Center or along the grass medians separating the electrical and non-electrical lots.


  • The speed limit inside the RV parking area is 5 MPH and in the main LNC parking lot. Please be extremely cautious of children playing while entering or leaving the RV lot in a RV or vehicle. For safety purposes, children must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian at all times while in the RV lot.  Bikes, scooters, skateboards or other similar equipment are prohibited after sundown.


  • Quiet time is from 11 PM to 6 AM (CST). Please refrain from using generators if weather permits. RV Patrons are encouraged to have an exhaust stack that extends above the RV as well as manufacturer approved sound muffling devices if generators are going to be used in the non-electric parking section. Loud music or other noise is not tolerated during quiet hours. The Lloyd Noble Center staff and parking attendants are the sole arbitrators on judging noise levels. No excessive loud music or noise will be tolerated at any time during your stay at SooneRVillage. If loud music or noise becomes disturbing to others, you may be required to lower your music/ and or noise level to accommodate others in the lot. If problems continue, you may be asked to cease your music altogether. The Lloyd Noble Center staff and parking attendants are the sole arbitrators on judging noise levels.


  • Small non-University vehicles such as golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, and the like are prohibited on campus.


  • The Lloyd Noble Center will be open on Friday and Saturday from 8am to 5pm for RV patrons to use the rest rooms (subject to change based on arena event schedule). Individuals, groups, or businesses are prohibited from bringing or arranging the delivery of their own portable toilets.


  • Food and beverages shall be for personal consumption only. Sales are prohibited.


  • Corporate or commercially sponsored tailgates are prohibited except in designated locations. Those who wish to organize corporate or commercially sponsored tailgates should contact Sooner Sports Properties at 405-325-2148.


  • In order to protect the parking lot asphalt surface, commercial tents, awnings, and other similar items are prohibited.  Please be cautious when leveling of RV unit to prevent damaged to the paved parking lot surface. Plywood or any other flat material that is sturdy is recommend for putting under levelers. Tailgate tents, awnings, and similar equipment must be securely anchored if tailgating happens on the grass or grounds at the LNC. Stakes must not be longer than 12 inches in order not to interfere with underground utilities.


  • The hooking into, connecting to, or similar use of University utilities and/or television or communication cable services is prohibited.


  • The electrical RV parking area at the Lloyd Noble Center is able to provide 30 amp (120 volt) and 50 amp (208 volt) connections. Please plug in at your own risk. A tripped electrical breaker can result in an RV pulling more electricity than is provided by the power distribution system. Inform the Lloyd Noble Center staff located at the Check-In Station to reset the breaker. The Lloyd Noble Center assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to RVs, its contents, or other such items. The Lloyd Noble Center shall not be responsible for protecting or safe keeping any property. Please do not unplug your RV electrical cord in the event of inclement weather. Inform the parking attendants who will further assist your needs.


  • The Lloyd Noble Center staff will notify you in the event of severe weather. Please proceed to leave your RV and head to the west entrance of the Lloyd Noble Center where the staff will lead you toward safety. Please contact the Lloyd Noble Center staff at 405-325-4666 Monday-Friday 8 AM–5 PM CST for additional information.


  • Gas and charcoal grills with covers are permitted. Open flames are prohibited. Please keep grills and portable cookers at a safe distance away from vehicles, RVs, buildings, or other permanent structures. For more information, visit the Fire Marshal’s website at: https://www.ou.edu/content/risk/fire_marshal.html


  • Political Campaigning and Other Non-University Events on Game Days

Section 3.4.3 of the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents Policies and Procedures prohibits the University’s endorsement of any commercial product, program, enterprise, or idea.  A direct result of this is the prohibition of any political signage implanted in, posted on, or otherwise affixed to University property.  This prohibition in no way interferes with the right of students, faculty, staff, and fans to otherwise engage in the political process, subject to other governing policies and procedures.


Further, the University policy governing the use of University facilities for non-university purposes (See http://www.ou.edu/contracts/#FACILITY%20USAGE ) prescribes that facilities and outdoor properties for non-University purposes are restricted to the following locations on the day of an event or any rally for the event:

  • A portion of the Lloyd Noble parking lot, except during an event held at the Lloyd Noble, at which time a portion of the Gymnastics Center parking lot may be utilized; or
  • A portion of the University Duck Pond; or
  • A portion of the property in front of the Bizzell Statue; or
  • A portion of the Dale Hall parking lot.


  • Because space is limited, non-University events shall be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date the individual or group executes all relevant documents, provides evidence of adequate insurance and submits all such documents to the Office of Administration and Finance, Real Estate Operations in accordance with the terms of the policy.


  • No picketing, leafleting, sign, displays, or peddling shall be permitted within 300 feet of the facility hosting the event (i.e. football stadium) on the day of the event.


  • The Floyd’s RV has a limited number of electrical extension cords and adaptors that are available for rent. Electrical cords and adaptors need to be returned to the RV Check-In Station before 9 AM CST on Sundays following games unless previous arrangements have been made with the Lloyd Noble Center Business Office. Rentals not returned in person or in proper working condition will result in a fine to cover the replacement cost for a new electrical extension cord or adaptor.


  • The Lloyd Noble Center has the right to reassign any RV parking space assignment if a patron has not arrived 3 hours prior to kick off on the Saturday of a home football game. Prior approval must be granted by the Lloyd Noble Center Business Office if the purchaser of the permit cannot meet the deadline. Permission may be obtained by calling 405-325-4666 Monday-Friday 8 AM–5 PM CST.


  • The operation of drones/unmanned aircraft systems on the University property is prohibited on home football game days.


  • All state and local laws will be enforced at all times. 


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